Friday, October 22, 2010

Figured out Photoshop

Today I did no sewing (yes, unusual). I spent the entire figuring out Photoshop thanks to a great tutorial on LBB's blog! I'm hooked and am trying to get the current Photoshop at a student price since Caroline now qualifies as a student! Yippee!

My first before and after using on Photoshop:

From Collages

My problem now is my super old version of Photoshop. The actions are not working perfectly since my version is so out of date. Some of the commands are not there! I hope to rectify this problem asap but getting a student Photoshop CS5! You can bet you'll know if it happens!


Paint the Moon Photography said...

That looks gorgeous, Katherine ... the edit and the little angel!

Ashley said...

I hope you can get the student discount cause it is so expensive! Hunter had me get it while I was working at Texas State because Staff and Faculty get the same discount as students. I guess I thought the student discount just applied to higher education. Good Luck.