Sunday, May 30, 2010


The last day of school was actually a field trip for Jacqueline's class. We went to Wonderworld in San Marcos. I had never been. I had Caroline come with us since it seemed like fun!

Heading down the cave:

Me & Jacqueline

I guess Ryan thought he was the tour guide?

I think Caroline actually paid attention!

Jacqueline got carried the entire cave by Coach Mike! He's SPOILING her!

Randi & Caroline looking into some well in the cave. I think the water is part of the Edward's Aquifer.

Jacqueline perched in the cave...

They all held hands on their own!

Really hungry & hot....waiting on the train....

Caroline and her best bud, Randi! They were the oldest and did awesome!

Feeding deer

lunch and Ms. Savatora "thank you!"


More Fun Pictures

From 2010-05-20

From 2010-05-20

News on the BeBe Gear front....I may be carried by a store in Austin!

From 2010-05-20

From 2010-05-20

Funny one:
From 2010-05-20

From 2010-05-20

A friend of mine made these for us! I LOVE them!
From 2010-05-20

From 2010-05-20


I must be doing something right. This week John has given me flowers & a massage gift certificate!! LOVE this!

Thursday, May 27, 2010


I was telling Caroline that my friend with FIVE kids was coming over after nap.

Her response: "I hope we have enough princess clothes!"

Good Morning

I hid the remote control. Caroline's got it figured out. Now they're singing. Love it!