Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Reinspired to Blog

It's been awhile since I've blogged.  I've been busy with BeBe Gear and share some on that FB page. 

Photography has been on my mind lately, and I "NEED" (LOL) to share some of kids' pictures somewhere!  So, to you who read this, you get LOTS of Ewald girls' pictures.

Now...I have edited any since I'm still working on CS5.  I've got it, but I have to wait for them to verify my mom's status as a teacher before they'll give me a serial number.  Here's to gymnastics at J&R this morning.....

Climbing a ladder with concentration...(A)

From 2010-10-26

Tickles from Mommy

From 2010-10-26

Rolling like a crayon...(I loved the colors on this one)

From 2010-10-26

I looked at this photo, and went "WOW!"  I did NOT edit it!  Her eyes did that by themself!

From 2010-10-26

Sack race practice?  Jacqueline is in the "big kid" class that is right by ours...

From 2010-10-26

"STOP gymnastics.  I found a bug!"

From 2010-10-26

'Okay Mom, you've worn me out now!"

From 2010-10-26

MC always has a smile for me!

From 2010-10-26

Someone please tell this kid she is NOT 5 years old!

From 2010-10-26

I had a BLAST playing today, but it sure does wear me out now!

Tomorrow Caroline's friend, Abby, is coming to play after school.  On Friday is Caroline's field day, so I'm off for more pictures for the year book (I definitely LOVE that job)!

Today was Camoflouge day.  Gotta love that cutie!

From 2010-10-27 Camoflouge Day

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

16 Weeks

I'm 16 weeks now, and the heart beat sounded good.  I gained no weight (yay!).

Funny part of the appt wast that Hunter and Ashley had an appt at the same time!  SO fun!  Dr. Blair's nurse had us just all go in one room, because I wanted to hear the heart on Ashley's baby!

From 2010-10-25a

They're baby sounded GREAT!

Friday, October 22, 2010

Figured out Photoshop

Today I did no sewing (yes, unusual). I spent the entire figuring out Photoshop thanks to a great tutorial on LBB's blog! I'm hooked and am trying to get the current Photoshop at a student price since Caroline now qualifies as a student! Yippee!

My first before and after using on Photoshop:

From Collages

My problem now is my super old version of Photoshop. The actions are not working perfectly since my version is so out of date. Some of the commands are not there! I hope to rectify this problem asap but getting a student Photoshop CS5! You can bet you'll know if it happens!

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Fear of dogs

Want to see a kid FREAK OUT! Watch this slide show in order!

PS...Cooper, the dog, is harmless!

I've been inspired...

to take more pictures, to work on the art of photography, etc....

Super fun to make...Fire Trucks!
From 2010-10-21

My $8 POWERED "car" from The Element garage sale!
From 2010-10-21

Batgirl! What will this child be for Halloween? Oh, the choices these days....Wonder Woman, Super Girl, Bat Girl.... I never got choices!
From 2010-10-21

Annabelle is trying to stake claim on the new car.
From 2010-10-21

Friend Hattie spending the night.
From 2010-10-21

MC has ALWAYS had the most infectious smile!
From 2010-10-21

Do I see an add for Ewald Tractor here?
From 2010-10-21

These pics are UNEDITED!! I think these SUPER blue eyes are from her grandad!
From 2010-10-21

That's all folks..... (PS Martha is VERY proud she can drive this)
From 2010-10-21

Monday, October 18, 2010

A new post?

Yes! I actually decided to post some pictures again!! Surprise! My MIL inspired me when I saw all the pictures she printed out & stuck on the inside of her cabinets (because her husband doesn't like pictures on the fridg).

So sweet...Jacq and Annabelle....
From 2010-10-12

Halloween costumes are coming along. The twins are going to be Batgirl, but when I make a costume I have to make at least 2 or 3 of each design because we all love to play dress up over here...

MC doing her model pose:
From 2010-10-12

LOVING our new outfits!
From 2010-10-12

Caroline models her new memaid pants...
From 2010-10-14

MC modeling her new dress and walking the balance beam
From 2010-10-14

Jacq's new Supergirl dress
From 2010-10-14

Annabelle is my accessory girl! Necklaces, shoes, name it!
From 2010-10-14

Caroline went to a TCU football game with John and his best friend/college roomate (and his 2 kids). She has decided she LOVES TCU! That football game just cost John A LOT of money! LOL!
From 2010-10-14

However, I will have to inform some of the girls there that she is a Theta legacy! Do we start rushing them in kindergarten now!! Holy cow!
From 2010-10-14

Monday, October 04, 2010

Dinner at Clear Springs...

A large man walks in. Jacqueline stands on her chair, points & screams, "Look how fat that man is!"

Honesty of kids I guess? We did tell her calling people fat hurts feelings.


Caroline has the cleanest child's mouth they have ever seen. John's scare tactics must be working.