Thursday, June 17, 2010

Hay Baby

We were on our way to the doctor's office today. MC is looking out the window at field" "Poo-poo vaca." (because they always poop in our yard I guess)

me: "No Mary Clairy...that's hay, baby."
MC: "Hay baby."

I love this stuff!

Each twin got 5 shots. Two in each leg and one in the arm. It's going to be rough this afternoon!

MC is 78% for height, and 26% weight (head 52%).

Annabelle is 76% height, and 2% weight. 99% head! Yes, I know the child has a large head! The doctor said it's perfectly round, so there's nothing to worry about it. The problem looks bad because she's SO skinny. We are AGAIN instructed to try to get her to eat fat and protein! It try! No John's going to get all worked up again about her being so skinny. Oh boy!

So....we stopped for ice cream/milkshakes at Marble Slab on the way home. That is really the first time I have ever done that with my kids! All is great. Chocolate is NOT a hit. We like strawberry here.
Annabelle, post shots:
From 2010-06-20

MC devouring the strawberry:
From 2010-06-20

All was good until MC dumped hers on herself on the way home. Off to clean my car......